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Qui sommes-nous ?
L’Afrique est le plus grand supporter des évènements sportifs.

Les événements sportifs y sont au cœur de l’actualité des discussions en famille, entre amis ou collègues... et bien sûr de nombreuses stars du sport sont d’origine africaine !

Sports4Africa est exploité par LudWin ( une société spécialisée dans la fourniture de produits, services et contenus pour les opérateurs de jeux agréés. La force de LudWin se situe dans un contenu unique, une technologie adaptée et fiable, mais aussi et surtout, sa parfaite connaissance du continent africain. Avec plus de 20 ans d’expérience dans les différents segments du jeu, les experts de la société ont mis en place Sports4Africa et l’exploite au jour le jour.

Sports4Africa développe une offre adaptée à chaque pays où elle est présente. Innovation, performance et éthique résument la philosophie de Sports4Africa qui s’engage à soutenir l’éducation et favoriser le développement du mouvement sportif sur le continent africain.

Une structure et une équipe pluridisciplinaire mises en place sur le continent africain.
Une technologie adaptée et éprouvée sur les plus gros marchés de paris sportifs au monde.
20 ans d’expérience sur le marché des jeux d’argent et des paris.
Un contenu pre-match, live et virtuel le plus important.
Une offre légale dans chaque pays.
Une garantie des meilleures conditions de paris sécurisés.
Une connaissance optimale du marché africain: ses intervenants, ses modes opératoires, ses pratiques et ses risques.
Une maîtrise des services nécessaires pour la fourniture d’une large gamme de paris sur tous les canaux de vente (SMS, USSD, On-line, mobile, points de vente, points mobiles, …).

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Is it legal to sign up and play on line on Sports4Africa?

Yes! The online betting sites set up by Sports4Africa have national licenses awarded by the State authorities in each country in which they are operating. To bet, you have to have attained the age of majority.

Which types of event can I bet on?

You can put money on any of the bets proposed by Sports4Africa. You will find a multitude of sports and international events (Major European and International Championships, professional tennis tournaments, Formula 1, NBA, Olympic Games... etc) and many different bets.

Are my payments secured?

Sports4Africa is accredited by the State authorities in each country that it is based in. We have put in place stringent security measures aiming at protecting the confidentiality of the data and personal details against any attempt to gain access without authorization. In the same way the payments are made with recognized international secure platforms that guarantee the payments.

How to use S4A Voucher?

It is possible to make a deposit into your internet account from any Sports4Africa accredited outlets. The player gives the desired cash amount to the retailer and in return receives a voucher bearing a unique identification number. Entering this unique number on the S4A website or via SMS will immediately credit the account of the deposited amount.

What are combination bets?

Combination bets allow you to bet on several bets at once with a single amount. If all the bets are winners, you get your money back as well as the product of the odds, allowing you to increase your winning substantially. Hence, someone who places 100 on 3 draws, each with odds of 3 could win the following amount if all the draws come up: 100 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 2700. You can combine up to 20 matches in a list

How do I sign up?

It is quick and easy to sign up on S4A. All you have to do is fill in the registration form by clicking on the registration module at the top right hand corner of the home page, then follow the instructions that will allow you to validate your account.

It is completely free to open an account on S4A and it gives you access to the entire site. Once you have signed up, you credit your account and you can start betting.

How do I choose a user id?

Your user id and your password allow you to identify yourself in a secure way on S4A.Choose a user id you like, that may bring you luck and that you can remember. You will then be able to bet at any time on all S4A different bets and sporting events!

How do I choose my password?

The password that you choose enables you to secure the access to your S4A account and protects your bets and your winnings. Choose a password that you will remember but which is difficult to find for anyone else.

Is there a minimum age for online betting?

Yes, you have to have attained the age of majority and be over 18 when you sign up on S4A or when you play in an S4A outlet.

How do I bet online?

To help you progress in the world of online betting, our sites offer substantial help functions and tutorials for all new members. Follow the instructions and the contextual help functions, which will guide you as you learn about the world of online betting.

What are odds?

The odds determine the amount that you can win if you bet. The higher the odds, the harder it is for the team or the athlete you have chosen to win. In practice, on Sports4Africa, it is easy to find the list of events and the odds corresponding to those events. You choose the event (e.g.: English Premier League), the type of bet (e.g.: result at the end of the match 1-N-2) and the team or the athlete that you wish to bet on (e.g.: Manchester United) and then the amount of the bet that you wish to place. Hence, if Manchester United has odds of 1.40 and you place a bet of 100 on them, you will win 140 if Manchester wins the match.

Can I really win money by betting online?

Of course!! Rather than betting on sites based abroad, S4A enables you to bet legally and in complete safety in your country. If you bet successfully, you will win money. After that you can transfer your winnings easily to your bank account or require a voucher will you will cash in an S4A outlet. Once you are connected, you can see the amount of credit you have and a link to transfer your winnings. You click on it and follow the instructions.

Up to what point can I place a bet?

By signing in with your unique online name and password on the online betting site, you can place any bets that you want as long as they are available on the site. S4A “pre-match” bets are open until the start of the match or the start of the competition. “Live” bets are opened during the game for a lot more fun and excitement!